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Small customised tours, focusing on attractions out of the regular tourist path.

Taking the Roads Less Travelled

We don't want to visit the regular iconic areas that every other tour company does, usually in bulk groups.

We want to take you to the areas that you haven't seen and maybe haven't even heard about before.

Individually Focused

By travelling in small groups, in several 4 wd vehicles, we ensure a staff/client ratio of 1 to 4, for most of our tours. 


Why Affinity?


affinityəˈfɪnɪti/nounnoun: affinity; plural noun: affinities

... rapport, accord, like-mindedness; fellow feeling for, inclination towards, partiality for, penchant for, predilection towards, attraction towards;

We have a vision of a new type of touring; like minded people doing specific tours that other companies didn’t offer because they were too ‘niche’.

Our professional guides, with lifelong careers in the industry, have the knowledge, ability  and passion to bring you an experience out of the ordinary.



Our Services

Is there a specific type of tour you want to do, tailored to your interests, but which you’ve never seen advertised? 

Chances are that others have also wanted that sort of tour but also failed in finding it. Bringing like minded groups of people together is one of the core values of Affinity Tours. 
We believe that focusing on small group experiences  allows greater engagement in the adventure. Except

where pre-arranged,  we offer a ratio of one staff member to a maximum of four clients. Personalized attention and in-depth knowledge,  beyond the typical presentation, give an enriched  experience.

Travel in comfortable modern 4wd vehicle's

Different Discoveries

Affinity means being with like minded people and we aim to introduce you to others who share your interests. 

Bird watching, photography, hiking, ecology, history....these are just a few of the tours we offer.


Have a desire for something a little different? 

Tell us what you what want to do and we will design a unique tour for you, around your parameters and run it as a private group.

Don't like tours at all but are a bit unsure about your trip?

We will do a self drive personalised itinerary and even organise logistics, such as fuel, food and permits.

You can even tag-along on some or our tours, with your own vehicle, to give the confidence to do it yourself in future

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